Friday, July 8, 2016

To Rise Again!

My last post was in 2010. Since then, I've moved to another part of the country, stopped gaming and generally retired from the hobby. Recently, I was diagnosed with an illness, so, I ended up having a bit of extra time to dabble with the hobby again.

I've recently moved into a new home, so, I had carve out a space for me to hobby. At the moment, it's not much, just a couple of tables and a bunch of unfinished minis. Recently, I added a new airbrush set to my arsenal of hobby stuff.

What projects will I get into? I've a few in mind. At the forefront is the completion of my "SCARS" project for the IG or the Astra Militorum as they're called now (what a mouthful). Another interesting one is my alien Dark Eldar Kabalite force. Of course, I'll need to rework my existing Orks.

Until I have something more definite...

Saturday, October 23, 2010

In Legio Again!

Well, what can one say. I miss Legio, man. It's a great place to game, and to a greater extend, an awesome place for hobbying. As fortune would have it, I was in KL yesterday, and I made it back to the factory....

My opponent for the night was Arzmi's Empire. With a solid line of artillery supported by 2(!) Engineers (for the re-rolls). It was a very static list, with unwieldy blocks of greatsword and swordsmen. He made the most of the Lords choice, taking an Arch Lector on horse and a Level 4 Wizard on foot. He also had a BSB, a level 2 wizard and 2 engineers.

We played the pass scenario where we use the short table edge as our deployment zone. With a distance of more than 36" between his line and mine, my force had to endure his shooting for the whole game. My first misfortune was to have my General taken out by a well placed cannonball in the 1st turn of the game (sigh).

Then, my shooting and magic throughout the game was rather dismal, with the cannon failing to hit for the first 4 turns. The mortars were a bit better but distance really proved a factor in the game. His use of Lore of Light spells was very canny and it was put to good use, ultimately killing off 3 of my units. The steam tank was severely damaged in the 5th turn and that proved its undoing, although the machine survived the battle. I have to say, Terror has been nerfed to a great extend with 8th Ed.

Anyways, the game was great (despite the defeat) and I look forward for a rematch (where we deploy for pitch battle, hehe)

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Salam! To all my muslim brothers, happy Aidilfitri! May this festive season be thankfully blessed besides your family and loved ones.

To all my non-muslim friends, enjoy the holidays and do try to get to any open houses availbale for some good food and times.

To the rest, enjoy your games and keep up the hobby!

ps: I will start work on my fantasy army after this festive season. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Last Friday, I was in KL and had the good fortune of having a fantasy game at CM in Midvalley, courtesy of Peter. It was a battle between my empire forces against his evil dark elves.

we played a 2000 points game, using the standard mission. He deployed the bulk of his troops, spearmen, corsairs, black guards and cold one knights in the center, flanked by a repeater on each side. On my side, a mortar and cannon was on the left while another mortar and the steam tank was on the right. a unit of knights and outriders were on the left ahile the crossbowmen and handgunners deployed in the center. another unit of knights deployed on the right with the flagellants.

I had first turn and started the turn by killing 3 of my knights from dangerous terrain rolls! lol. Then, my wizard cast flame storm (miscast!) and took out half of his spearmen. My steam tank failed to hurt anything from shooting but my mortars decimated his crossbowmen. my general on his pegasus managed to stay out of side to avoid shooting.

In his turn, he advanced his troops. His sorceress flying near my general, but out of sight. the witch cast something on my general but he came out unharmed. His shooting caused some wounds here and there, most notably on a unit of knights.

Then, in my next turn, my flagellants inched closer alongside the steam tank. The outrider champion managed to wound a level 2 witch inside the corsairs unit while my mortars, again reduced his troops. The cannon did great, wiping out a unit of 5 cold one knights from a flank shot, leaving a master alone.

HIs next turn saw his black guards charge my flagellants and his wounded sorceror killed my outrider champion with a spell. His lord witch then flew nearer to my flagellants and cast...Purple Suns! It was cast with irresistable force and after rolling on the miscast table, the witch suffered a wound and killed the other, already wounded witch. The vortex tore through my flagellants and stopped at the steam tank. Most of my flagellants survived but its bye-bye for my steam tank. His 12 black guards did some killing and won combat but the demented guys reduced their number to 4. with their unbreakable rule, they stayed.

My next turn saw his crossbowmen left with one guy and the spearmen block left with 2. The corsairs were wiped out from a shower of attention from 2 mortars, a grape shot from the cannon and the outriders repeaters. The combat saw the black guards taken down, but the flagellants were left with only 4 guys.

His next turn saw his witch again cast Purple Sun and this time, it took down half of my handgunners and crossbowmen. The handgunners remained on the field while the crossbowmen fled from such terrible injury. His repeaters managed to put down the remaining flagellants too.

And that was all the time we had for that game. with much book flipping and rules checking, especially with the spells. All in all, a fun game. I look forward to playing more of the same.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I mentioned previously, reading the huge tome that is the Warhammer 8th Edition Rulebook will take some time. As of today, I have yet to fully read every line as I intended and has only finished the rules section and part ways into the background and histories of the Old World. Unable to hold myself, I did flipped to some of the later pages, namely the magic lores and linked games section.

Games Workshop totally did a tremendous job with this Ruleset. As far as I'm concerned, it's clear, with little ambiguity in the wording, fully intended for an engaging and fun game. There were several typo mistakes but very minor in the larger scheme of things. Some of the rules will require further reading and mayhaps, full understanding through gaming.

Anyways, before I touch on all the aspect of the rules, let me start off with one of the changes that I find totally changed the way the game plays. Pre-measuring is allowed! No longer will generals wrinkle their brows trying to guess range, whether for that crucial war machine or desperate charge. Now, the distance between units is no longer a mystery and tactics and strategies can be formulated based on that knowledge.

Honestly, I'm of two minds when it comes to this. On the one hand, knowing how far the enemy is is undeniably a good thing, however, I find it a bit off when it comes to warmachines, especially when we consider their rather chancy odds of hitting anything. Well, it's just a small beef but one I can live with.

Unit strengths are no longer a consideration. The emphasis now is on model counts. Which is a good and bad thing. Good in that it will provide a very rich display on the tabletop by the number of combatants, and bad in that players will now have to fork out more to have that many models. If you can afford them, then, it's not a bad thing really but will really limit those with smaller spare cash.

The way army lists are being built now also has a significant impact. The emphasis on core choices really gives flavor to the exact nature of warfare in the Old World, where the common troops were, common, and the specialized and rare, less likely so. The cap for lords and heroes makes the appearance of "uber" characters less likely in smaller games and will really add flavor in larger games.

So, we'll probably see a surge of horde armies and infantry led attacks in the foreseeable future. The way armies are ranked and gaining bonus in combat has changed too, but we'll cover that later. For now, the rules looks to be quite solid with emphasis on the right things for a better and fun play. Next time, we'll look at that most crucial of phases, Movement.

Till then, keep on gaming!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan Greetings!

To all my muslim brothers in arms, rejoice! Once again the Holy month of Ramadan is upon us. Gird yourself, cleanse and purify the soul. Hold oneself from all the earthly temptation and the heavenly rewards will be ours to reap.

Lastly,happy fasting(and keep up with the hobby)

Monday, August 9, 2010


Ahh....the smell of freshly printed ink.

After some wait, I am now the proud owner of my very own copy of Games Workshop's latest Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition Rule Book. The first thing I noticed upon putting my hand on it, was its weight. It is quite hefty and I think I'll go and find a scale to measure its weight.

Tearing away the plastic wrapping, I caught a wift of freshly printed paper. This smell became more apparent as I flipped the hard backed cover open. Pages upon pages of finely illustrated pages filled the tome's glossy pages, making this tome's purchased much justified.

To say I was blown away would be an understantement! GW did a remarkable job with this one and although I haven't delve that deeply into the rules, the book looks promising to say the least. Deep inside, I'm bubbling with excitement, much akin to what I felt when I had my first Warhammer book in 6th Ed. years ago. As then, I'll read every single line and feast my eyes on all the beautiful photos and illustrations within. It'll be slow, I'm sure, but hey, it's my book and I'll savor every moment of it.

As I progress through the book, I'll share my thoughts on what and how (if any) the changes has changed the way we play this game. I'm so excited by all this.

PS: I really love this line from page 3, "...and it is in this spirit that the rules were written." totally brings back all the awesomeness of Warhammer.