Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving to the East Coast

Hmm...Of late, I have not been able to attend many a gaming/hobby nights at my local club. The reason being that I am now effectively relocated to the east coast of Malaysia, Kuantan actually.

So, the reason of the move not withstanding, me and the family are liking it here (the no hobbying part is a bummer though). At the moment, and into the forseeable future, I plan to make at least 2 trips a month back to KL since I still have some of my clients there. Each trip will enable me to stay for a couple of days at least. Fortunately for me, my work doesn't have me stuck in the office and I can basically work anywhere.

To all my Legio friends, if I'm in KL on Friday nights, I'll be sure to drop by. And if I can only make it on the weekends, then I'll head off to CM or Alvin's place.

I do hope I could get my SCARS project done in time for the Legio Birthday bash this July. At the moment, I'm slowly building up my orky BFG fleet. And when WHFB 8th Ed finally comes out, maybe I'll finish off one of my unfinished fantasy army.