Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ramadan & Gaming to come!

Ramadan is here!Another month of fasting and self contemplating, and cleansing.

On another front, Legio is starting a league soon (season 3) and in November, the much anticipated Legio tournament, The Inquisition Wars. A few of us did get together to discuss possibility of running a Mighty Empires campaign. It's still in the works but we hope to get it off the ground in at least 2 weeks time.
Apparently, the local gaming group here is keen to not see a certain ork army and Csm army win anymore leagues or tourneys. I'm sure they'll step up their efforts and I will get to see some fierce fighting soon. Waaarggh!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Da Waargh! is Back!

Had my first WH40k in so many weeks last friday at Legio. I had the opportunity to play against Shazli's Ultramarines and Lex's CSM. Grimfang managed to pull 2 victories that night. In the fight versus the sons of Gulliman, the greenskin managed to overwhelm the SM with an astounding 10 kill points to 1(Snikrot's komandos). Shaz is restarting too so, I'll expect him to be better in the weeks to come.

In my second game, I fought Lex (this was our first meeting on the tabletop), he suffered very badly from his reserves roll, with his units coming in piece meal and his most important unit arriving in turn 5! It was a 1 + 1 mission and by game's end, all his troops were dead, including Angra (counts as Abbadon), with the exception of the land raider, which become the sole survivor. I lost my warboss and majority of my biker nobz and Snikrot's mob (again)

My third game was on saturday against Alvin's Alpha Legion. it was my first time fighting him using his CSM. Last time we met, he was using tyranids. It was a killpoint mission and I had an uphill task of getting to his units, which was surrounded by marines, oblits, terminators, havoks and twin chaos lords in mutually supporting positions. In the end, we drew. it was a narrow fight in the end but the oblits refused to die and we tied at 6 kill points apiece. my biker nobs were decimated and fled off the table. I attribute this dismal performance to lack of focus and lack of sleep on my part.

On the painting side, I've completed my lootas and Shaz commented they look bright and colorful, very Orky! I've repaired the broken boyz and grots and have only 3 more bikers to paint and basing for the biker nobz to finish for my army to be completely done. On the side, Shaz has proposed a themed apoc game somewhere in December and I get to play the role of neutral arbiter/organizer for this event. I've toyed around with several ideas and drafted a suggestion to shaz for him to look over. Once we've decided on what type of scenario we're playing, we'll go into detailed planning. watch out for more news on this.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to Waarggh!

Now that the Warhammer tourney is over, I'm turning my attention back to the Greenies. I intend to finish off the army that was meant for SPORECON '09 and have them ready for the upcoming Legio RTT in November. As of the moment, only the Nob bikers and Lootas need any real work on them, while the rest are mostly done already.

1st Legio Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

Wow!What a day!

I made it through the day despite lacking sleep as I pushed myself to paint up my empire army. Now, I can be proud of my painted army and look forward to my next warhammer project. How did I fare? Okay I guess, considering that most of the participants from Singapore came with strong army builds. I got massacred once, lose one and gained a minor victory. I was listed in the bottom half, but I intend to get better next time.

For a full result, go check out Legio site.