Monday, August 9, 2010


Ahh....the smell of freshly printed ink.

After some wait, I am now the proud owner of my very own copy of Games Workshop's latest Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition Rule Book. The first thing I noticed upon putting my hand on it, was its weight. It is quite hefty and I think I'll go and find a scale to measure its weight.

Tearing away the plastic wrapping, I caught a wift of freshly printed paper. This smell became more apparent as I flipped the hard backed cover open. Pages upon pages of finely illustrated pages filled the tome's glossy pages, making this tome's purchased much justified.

To say I was blown away would be an understantement! GW did a remarkable job with this one and although I haven't delve that deeply into the rules, the book looks promising to say the least. Deep inside, I'm bubbling with excitement, much akin to what I felt when I had my first Warhammer book in 6th Ed. years ago. As then, I'll read every single line and feast my eyes on all the beautiful photos and illustrations within. It'll be slow, I'm sure, but hey, it's my book and I'll savor every moment of it.

As I progress through the book, I'll share my thoughts on what and how (if any) the changes has changed the way we play this game. I'm so excited by all this.

PS: I really love this line from page 3, "...and it is in this spirit that the rules were written." totally brings back all the awesomeness of Warhammer.


  1. "Read it through my friend. Then gather your warhost. When you think you are brave enough, come to Naggaroth. People of the Empire makes fine slaves hahaha!"
    - Dreadlord Akkarin

  2. "Naggaroth?..come to Norse instead, as we're much nearer."
    - Lord Dresden Kell

  3. haha...i'll go back to my roots for warhammer. Tis time to bring back Da Waaarrgghhh! of Grimgor Ironhide. They've brought low the undead of Sylvania, the accursed bone-things of Khemri, slaughtered countless humans, plucked a many panzies skulls, made playthings of da stunties and tasted lizard flesh. They have yet to taste icky demonflesh.

    @AK: haha...comebring yer dark panzies, da boss will show youze all some gud funnin' time.

    @vuel: we iz no liking dem northern folk, but we've tasted dem choas knights, stewed in dem spiky armor (and led by AK's big bro, too). dun worry, youze is lookin'fer blood, da mob'll give yer yours. hehe

  4. "King Malekith sends his regard to the mighty Grimgor. His exact words - Kau kirim salam maut sama itu Grimgor hahaha!!"
    - Dreadlord Akkarin

  5. "Blood? You've misunderstood us then, greenskin. Our tribe strives for change and perseverance, we have no need for blood, skulls, and decadence."
    = Lord Dresden Kell

  6. haha...yer panzies are worried izzit?

    @AK: hows ur army progress?

    @vuel: ko punye army dependent on magic ka?