Monday, September 28, 2009

After Raya Gaming

Back from AidilFitri and straight to the gaming tables! Wow!

I came back to KL on Thursday and was back in action at Legio on Friday. This time, da boyz met Alvin's Alpha Legion and managed to scrape off a close victory (1-0 objectives) The warboss was everywhere, holding da boyz together as the legion tried to advance. Dok Grosnik was put down along with da 30 'ard boyz, but they managed to hold da twin Lords, terminators and a squad of CSM for some time, enough for the nob bikers to destroy an oblit squad, a havoc squad, a csm squad, and a land raider.

Da deff koptas destroyed a rhino before being sent off the battlefield by the Ac toting havoc squad. The lootas didn't do much damage, just destroying a rhino and causing some wounds here and there. Both da twin Lords were taken down by da 'ard boyz and Dok Grosnik and the warboss took care of the last terminator who was threatening the grots. the nob bikers managed to destroy the last csm squad before running off da board hahaha.

In the end, the grots hunkered down behind cover and secured the objective. Victory!

In the next game, the mob met Khairul's Saim Hann Eldar. A very fast and mobile army with a seer council mounted on jetbikes. In the beginning of the battle, the eldar force redeployed some of their units and in the opening salvo, targeted the deffkoptas and 'ard boyz.

The biker nobz promptly retreIn the next turn, eldar reinforcements arrived and cut down the lootas. Luckily for the mob, the lootas stayed put and did not flee. Eldar shooting continued to cut down the number of 'ard boyz and the seer council moved forward. In the ork's turn, Snikrot turned up and assaulted the guardian jetbikes while dok Grosnik led the 'ard boyz in a Waarg! against the seer council. Warboss Grimfang moved up his nob bikers to support Grosnik's charge.

The guardian jetbikes were overrun while the dire avengers stood their ground under a hail of loota fire. the combat with the seer council was a draw but the farseer leading the group died under a power klaw. The next turn saw Eldrad coming out from his Wave Serpent and called upon his formidable psychic powers on the warboss and painboy inside the nob bikers squad. The painboy was overwhelmed but the hardy warboss merely suffered a wound.

Enraged, the nobs went on to toast the accompanying dire avengers and assaulted the remaining eldar surrounding Eldrad. Eldrad was crushed underfoot and his wave serpent lost its lance weapon. on another side of the battlefield, a duel was going on between the remaining lootas and dire avengers. In the end, the lootas prevailed, with only 3 survivors left, all hefting big shootas.

In the following turn, the grots made their appearance. The remaining lootas took potshots at the rear of a nearby prism and wrecked it, despite its holo field. The combat revolving around the seer council finally ended and the eldar were unseated from their jetbikes by the unrelentless choppas of the orks.

Further assaults against the remaining eldar vehicles didn't wreck them. although one was immobilised and the orks carried the day with 7-1 KP score.

Soon, the boyz will be involved in the struggle on Arenxis Minoris as well as Legio's own 3rd season league. How will they fare?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aidilfitri is Here!

Aidilfitri is here again!

So, happy celebrations to all my muslim bros and sisters.

May we return to a better and bashful Waarrgh! after this holidays.

On another note, I had a game with Rizal's 5th Ultramarine company at Legio on Friday. It was a 5 marker seize ground mission with pitch battle deployment. He had 3 land raider and tried to cover all the objectives from the get go. This split of his forces enabled my boyz to dominate a flank and turned on the rest as the game progressed. In the end, it was victory for the mob with a 2-0 victory.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Da Boyz Back!

Warboss Grimfang resumed his Waagh! recently and plouged through human and heretics alike in his quest for a good fight.

1. Seize Ground (4 markers) win vs Nahri's IG

Nahri fielded his fledgling IG army and was still learning the ropes. His troopers appeared a bit "lost" and despite all the firepower thrown at them, my Nob bikerz managed to survive until game ends (albeit with only 3 survivors). His Marbo provided some ciinematic moments when he survived a round of combat against the 'ard boyz by making all his saves and refusing to run (double 1s') when defeated. Truly heroic!

My move-and-shoot big shootas caught him offguard and they wiped out his platoon command squad in a single round of shooting. The game ended on turn 5 with all his survivors running from the battlefield.

2. Seize Ground (3 markers) draw vs Shazli's Ultramarines

Shaz played differently this time. A consequence of some postings on multiply. It was a fun game and I suffered some bad rolls early in the game. My lootas and deffkoptas were destroyed without doing anything while the 'ardboyz were being toyed with by the scouts who lured them away from the main fight.

The biker nobz arrive on turn 4 and saved the day. from a defeat, they pulled it to a draw. Shaz lose focus halfway through the game and Warboss Grimfang pounced on him for that. If he keeps this up, he'll have a very good list in hand for any opponent.

3. Annihilation win vs Lexiss's CSM

My lootas distracted his attention from my bikers and 'ardboyz. His style of clumping his units close together made them vulnerable when the boyz launched their assault. I think he made a bad decision when placing the oblits. Added to that, Kharn managed to slay 3 of his own when he charged into combat.

Snikrot easily took down the havoc squad while the csm squad was gunned down by the nob bikers and komandos! Grosnik himself gained a plating from the chaos land raider when it blew up after his power klaw ripped it apart.

The higlight to me was when Lex tank shocked my deffkoptas and killed them both (twice tank shock, made death or glory and failed!) haha. In the end, only his raptors and that lucky rhino survived while i only lost those two deffkoptas.

hope to put in more games after Aidilfitri.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Raising A troop, 201st Squadron, RGKD

It is the month of September and Muslims all around the world started fasting since the middle of last month. This month, I've began work on my new IG army. Based on a friend's advice, I've decided to complete the army according to the choice selection, (e.g.: HQ, ELITES, etc.).

At the moment, I'm working on my Company command Squad, with its attendant advisors. Orders for the new models to fill up the ranks have been made with deliveries expected somewhere in November or December, courtesy of Roll Some Dice.

Anyways, this is my new list:

Company command squad
Regimental standard, medic, meltagun, heavy flamer
2 bodyguards, astropath, officer of the fleet

Primaris Psyker

5 Stormtrooper
2 meltagun

Soldier Marbo

10 veterans (grenadiers)
2 plasmagun
1 meltagun
1 lascannon


10 veterans (grenadiers)
3 meltagun

10 veterans (grenadiers)
2 plasmagun
1 meltagun

Platoon command squad

Infantry squad
grenade launcher

Infantry squad
grenade launcher

Special weapon squad
3 grenade launcher

Multiple rocket Pod



1750 Points; 14/15 Kill Points; 6/7 Scoring units

Finally, I get to build the kind of army I like. How it'll fare on the battlefield, only time will tell...