Saturday, January 30, 2010

Getting slow???

Had a blast of a time last hobby nite!

Got trashed by Peter's chaos army and fought to a standstill with doc's orks. Totally fun with both games. After so many weeks of not touching my 40k stuff (in fact, I was gearing for a FoW or WHFB game that night), I could feel my bones creaking and the rust grinding in my mind. It has been that long!

Anyways, whatever happened is just a good indication of what is likely to be for a player after leaving the dice untouched for some time. In truth, I was becoming more involved with finishing my SCARS project and worrying about its paint job and assembly that I took off my gaming hat. On the plus side, it made me approach both games that night with an alarming dose of casualness, thus insulating me from feeling down when my units were taken out ignominiously. I discovered that my usual drive for victory was not up also, enabling me to much savour the game in a lighter mood.

So, I played both games without much thought to the tactical "orky kunnin'" and just played. Another reason could be because ever sincce starting on my SCARS project, my train of thoughts became more attuned to Imperial Guard lines, thus detaching from my normal orky self.

Whatever the reasons, Kindred is a month away and Iron Painter just 3 weeks away!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Friday Nite-at last!

Last Friday I made it to Legio after 2 weeks of enforced absence. I had Peter and Alvin in tow that day. This time, I didn't play any games, just sat at the hobby table and put together 3 Pz IV for the upcoming Market Garden Campaign.

Having done that, I watched the games played. There was some FoW action going on with Nick and Jason. Peter was fighing it out with Subhan while Alvin and doc was having at it with their orks.

Had to go back early that nite but at least I've satisfied my need for some hobby action. On the home front, I'm busy completing my entry for Iron Painter and Kindred. I plan to have them assembled and primed by early February.

On that note, my Iron Painter entry will consist of the SCARS, namely Command Team Alpha, Squad Nova and Squad Bravo.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Nimphora VII Campaign: Turn 5-End Game

In turn 4, the planet saw some destruction as the lands began to sink and disappear. The IG commander, Yee How, managed to escape the doomed planet at the end of turn 4, making him the second commander after Shazli's ultramarines to do so. At the moment, his Node lies unguarded in the Polar Waste.

The beginning of turn 5 also saw the search for Nodes intensify as Jin's Inquisitors, Mark's IG and Zaki's Hive Mind successfully sought out Nodes. In Mark's case, he placed it in his last remaining territory as all his territories were lost to the dying planet's crumbling.

As the planet continues its dying contortions, each commander's territories has dwindled drastically. Mark is left with Dread Anchorage. Zaki has Calidas Fertarii, West Coriy and Plains of Omen. Raymond is left with Noxa Irput, Oncalth and Demonstalk Vale. Jin's Inquisitors hold Roofspine Mountains, Coldaroth, Bloodfields and Crystal Isle. The chaos forces of Lexis owns Icefloe Shores, Icebridge Vale, Crag Mountains and Rock Arbor. Nahri's IG forces is keeping Tahiri's Throat, Tobrau, Mead Valley and Ilim's Fields.

Those with the Nodes will try to exact the Bloodprice to escape while those without will try and wrest it from those who has them. The end is at hand!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Nimphora VII campaign: Turn 4

At the beginning of Turn 4, only the ultramarines have managed to successfully searched for and activated a Node of Power, hence they became the first force to evacuate the doomed planet. Hive mind Zaki too managed to find a Node but was unable to utilise it in time.

All the riots, raiding and general chaos attributed to the local populace has died down, in some cases suppressed with deadly force. What is left merely waits for the end, all hope gone. With darkness fully encompassing the planet, the ground continue to tremble even more violently than before.

In the north, the territories of Moonlight Ridge, The Bones, Floodplains of Beslan, Jendras Baxo and Gars Vinolin were swollowed up by the earth, wiping them out from the map. In the centre, Unggroth, Ingra Mobis and Kartonga suffered the same fate. In the South, only the Central Tundra and the Eastern Glacier were affected.

The Node stored by the Tyranids at Gars Vinolin were lost to the ground before it could be activated and the remains of the Ultramarine's Node too was lost. The territories has started to dwindle, even as the commanders enter the last phase for their survival.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hobby: SCARS - Skuad Bravo

Here are some pictures of WIP of Bravo Squad. This squad will take part in Iron Painter and Kindred. There will be some slight difference between their appearance in Iron Painter and Kindred.

The pictures are taken without their squad leader, Sgt. Feizal (a.k.a. Harker). The squad is a recon and pathfinder team for SCARS 1. They either deploy in advance of the main body or infiltrates the enemy lines.

I've tried to customize and personalize each model since I've given them individual names and kitting them out in appropriate wargear befitting their role.

Hopefully this army will mark my beginning to embrace the hobby side more.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Slow week

Been a bit of slow this week, what with work and all. On the hobby front, I've managed to assemble Bravo squad (minus the arms) and started on cleaning bodies for Nova squad. Since all of Bravo squad carry a backpack, I've yet to sculpt out the straps for them.

Nimphora VII campaign is entering its final phases tomorrow. I wonder what will happen?

Soon, Legio will turn its attention to Operation Market Garden, a FoW campaign. It'll be good to play with my WWII minis again.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nimphora VII Turn 3-Beginning of the End

The thickening malevolent energies of the warp has almost engulfed the planet in its entirety, panicking and affecting the local population in unexpected ways. Driven insane or purely out of desperation, the locals struck out at the nearest targets.

Disruption of supplies, raids, uprisings to name a few, all manner of local unrest prevailed in the territories occupied by the various commanders, forcing them to divert their forces and suppress the chaos.

This was most evident in the north. IG commander Mark lost control in half of his occupied territories of Brokeback Cape, Dread Anchorage and Sunken Swamps. Fellow IG commander Nahri too faced unrest in three of his territories of Jendras Baxo, Mead Valley and Ilim's Fields, effectively denying him use of two foundries and a communications relay unit.

The Ultramarines too were not spared from the unrest as the shield generator in Roofspine Mountains went offline when its underground cables were swarmed by mutated rodents. East Coriy too suffered a panicking influx of refugees fleeing the nearby tyranids. In West Coriy, the fleeing refugees set random fires that utterly confuses the Synapse creatures there.

In Jerdeh, Hive Mind Zaki faces an unnatural stampede of mutated beast that trampled through its killer broods. The central continent too saw the templar Raymond losing contact with his forces in Orkern's Nest and Unggroth. The Inquisitor Jinn had to contend with an uprising in Lakehome, temporarily suspending the operations of the nearby communication relay. He also lost contact with his forces in the recently occupied Crystal Isle as the last report indicated broods of genestealers infiltrating across the territory.

The recent offensive of IG commander Yee How has stripped his forces in the Polar Waste and the garrisons there were ill equipped to cope with the rampaging ice beasts that stalked the lands. The Black Legion of Lexiss were not immune to the unrest as a tide of uncontrollable spawn laid siege to the communication relay there and a freak and impassable storm lashed the regions of Icebridge Vale.

As the dying planet nears its end, who shall find the Nodes of Power to escape?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Nimphora VII Turn 3-Darkness in Despair!

Turn 2 saw some reversals as players fielded bigger armies with which to pound their foes. Having replenished their forces, the commanders took to the field. In all, 7 battles were fought with the number of territories held by each almost the same.

Hive Mind Zaki still have the highest VPs score with Shazli's Ultramarines trailing a bit behind. With the start of Turn 3, commanders will have begun their search for the Nodes of Power. It stands to reason that someone is bound to find one, but could they hold on to it or activate it in time to escape the doomed planet?

Even as the planet heaved in its death throes, more special rules comes into play, to reflect the deteriorating condition of the planet. The end is near...