Saturday, October 23, 2010

In Legio Again!

Well, what can one say. I miss Legio, man. It's a great place to game, and to a greater extend, an awesome place for hobbying. As fortune would have it, I was in KL yesterday, and I made it back to the factory....

My opponent for the night was Arzmi's Empire. With a solid line of artillery supported by 2(!) Engineers (for the re-rolls). It was a very static list, with unwieldy blocks of greatsword and swordsmen. He made the most of the Lords choice, taking an Arch Lector on horse and a Level 4 Wizard on foot. He also had a BSB, a level 2 wizard and 2 engineers.

We played the pass scenario where we use the short table edge as our deployment zone. With a distance of more than 36" between his line and mine, my force had to endure his shooting for the whole game. My first misfortune was to have my General taken out by a well placed cannonball in the 1st turn of the game (sigh).

Then, my shooting and magic throughout the game was rather dismal, with the cannon failing to hit for the first 4 turns. The mortars were a bit better but distance really proved a factor in the game. His use of Lore of Light spells was very canny and it was put to good use, ultimately killing off 3 of my units. The steam tank was severely damaged in the 5th turn and that proved its undoing, although the machine survived the battle. I have to say, Terror has been nerfed to a great extend with 8th Ed.

Anyways, the game was great (despite the defeat) and I look forward for a rematch (where we deploy for pitch battle, hehe)


  1. kisses. on pitch battle i will deploy on the table behind lol.

  2. Great to see you again, dude. :)

  3. Now to counter his cannon....wait a minute....I know.....fight fire with fire.

  4. Good to hear from u bro.
    Now that u can pre-measure, does it actually help a shooty army a lot or just a bit?

  5. @blood brother khairul: a lot. lets just say if it was 7th ed rule, i wont hit anything, ever.

    basically in 7th ed when you shoot a mortar or cannon, you have to guess a range. say 36". then you start rolling scatter, bounce rolls, etc from there. so guessing range to pin point accuracy is nearly impossible until you have played a lot games. it either always falls short or over shot. cause seriously, who can pin point how far 36-60" inch is.

    in 8th ed, you just put the 5" template anywhere you want, say on top of your 40 man saurus, and roll scatter from there. if its a hit then thats 40 hits. there is no need to guess range anymore.

    empire army however, cannot really depend on warmachines. the worst and most cheese is doc's dwarves, he can have 14 warmachine in a 2k game and literally blow out everything you have on the table even before your turn 1 due to the pre-measure rule. although i dont think doc is that evil.

  6. premeasure helps a lot!Before, using a guess range warmachine, the general will need to develop skills at estimating range, now, it's been made easier and most shots will hit something.

    @khairol:u bringing ur lizzies back is it?Can't wait to face them with either my empire or greenskins.