Friday, July 30, 2010

Back at Legio!

And the feeling was awesome!

As you guys probably figured, its been some time (almost 6 months) since I last set foot at the hallowed halls of Legio Malaysia. I was fortunate enough to be able to drop by last night.

There was Jeff and Azlan fighting it out with Eldar and Thousand Sons. Soon, I was in a fight with Jo's Tyranids. As usually happens, when in a game, one tends not to notice what's happening around oneself. Anyways, during my game, Dann dropped in as well as Rizal and Iqbal. Oh. I forgot to mention, there was two guys I've never met before. They've gotta be cool fellas since they're at Legio, after all. My bad for not introducing myself to them but I was so excited for a game at legio that it blocked all other considerations, lol.

Also, I don't have the luxury to hang around until Legio closes and later go for mamak. So, what opportunity I got I use to savor the games being played and engage in conversations with old friends. Quite funny observing Iqbal's vs rizal match. i wonder who prove the better general?

In my game with Jo, we rolled a 1+1 mission with DOW deployment. He had first turn (whew!) and I dumped everything in reserves. It was a new experience for me as I've never faced such a list before. There was a swarmlord escorted by 2 guards, a tervigon, 2 trigons, a unit each of termagants and genestealers, 3 units of hive guards (2 each) and a whatchamacallit that has a big spout that fires s10 shots.

It ended a draw with my nobs and 'ard boyz dead. The grots proved pivotal once again in securing the draw when they sat on my objective after the menacing swarmlord was finished off by the faraway lootas. On Jo's side, he had the tervigon babysit his objective. Something I learn from this game was that it's better to get to grips with the MCs around as they don't cause instant death to my nobs. The best moment for me was when the trigon was taken down by the 'ard boyz and when the swarmlord was reduced to 1 wound by the 'ardboyz. Oh yes, the grots managed to pistol shot 3 gaunts who were threatening the objective after the lootas thinned their ranks.

All in all, itwas a fun game, and thanks to Jo for making it so. despite being able to make my life miserable, he chose to go easy on me last night and not play all his cunning tricks. Well, since my list is so predictable, what can one expect?

Okay, time to finish that IG list of mine.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Weekend of Gaming! Wheeeee!

I had another good fortune to be able to pick up my dice this weekend. After a fortunate gaming last week, I manage to put in 4 games on Sunday (Yay!)

My first game was with Ian (who just got here from Japan) who fielded a themed Slanesh CSM list. By turn 4, his forces were wiped out in this 1+1 game. My next opponent was versus Lexiss's CSM. our KP game was a constant moving battle which see-saw until the end, when he beat me 4-3. Later, I met Edwin's monstrous tyrannid list, which has 3 Trygons!!! It was another KP game and I managed to shave a win by destroying his spore pods to lead by 6-4. I must say the Trygons can dish out a lot of hurt and that list will prove difficult to beat at times.

I was tired then but wanted to have another game. This time with Peter's familiar oblits list. This time, our showdown was a KP game and I was thoroughly TAed by Turn 7 lol. His opening barrage was painful to bear but I dogged played the game, knowing the probable outcome. I was glad I did as I saw a lone biker Nob reduce and utterly destroyed a 7 men Plague marine squad (the champion was armed with a power fist, too) over a course of 3 melee phase, what an Ork!

I doubt I'll have the opportunity to game again next week as I've got some work scheduled. Hopefully, i'll take up the dice again in 2 to 3 weeks time.

On another note, I've finally picked up the stuff I bought from Subhan. It's all Space Marine stuff that I've meant to use as part of my Space Wolf Project. I need to work on the models as their paint is too thick for repainting, so, they need to be stripped. That'll be tedious. When time permits, I'll post the background for my Imperial Guard project, the SCARS.

That's all for now, I heard that the Big Rule Book for fantasy will be in our local store by next week. I can't wait to have it in my hands...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm gaming again!

Wow! After more than 5 months of not touching WH40K, I finally managed to drive to KL and have a blast of 3 games on Sunday! Let me tell you, the joy and sweetness of picking up the dice again was delicious.

After my long absence from the tabletop, it's not suprising to have me being rusty and making blunders along the way. Who cares? it's the fun that matters. Anyway, My first game that day was against Peter's "cheezy" oblit/lash list. it was a 1+1 mission and I managed to scratch a narrow win of 1-0 (whew). My second foray that day was versus John and his Eldar (Saim-Han wannabes). He totally trashed my army, leaving only 8 models left in that KP game (sob,sob). my last game was with Shazli and his ultramarines. My mobs managed a convincing win in that KP game, almost TAed him except for a damaged Land Raider (Yay!)

The next evening, Peter was kind enough to offer a game(rematch). This time, his CSM managed to draw, leaving the battlefield littered with dead from both sides. That was a fun game.

Well, at the moment, I'm waiting for my Warhammer Fantasy Rule Book (8th Ed). i wonder how the game will be?