Friday, July 8, 2016

To Rise Again!

My last post was in 2010. Since then, I've moved to another part of the country, stopped gaming and generally retired from the hobby. Recently, I was diagnosed with an illness, so, I ended up having a bit of extra time to dabble with the hobby again.

I've recently moved into a new home, so, I had carve out a space for me to hobby. At the moment, it's not much, just a couple of tables and a bunch of unfinished minis. Recently, I added a new airbrush set to my arsenal of hobby stuff.

What projects will I get into? I've a few in mind. At the forefront is the completion of my "SCARS" project for the IG or the Astra Militorum as they're called now (what a mouthful). Another interesting one is my alien Dark Eldar Kabalite force. Of course, I'll need to rework my existing Orks.

Until I have something more definite...

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