Sunday, March 28, 2010

Re-Enjoying hobby nite

after so many weeks of not attending hobby nites, I finally managed to squeeze just a bit of time to go to Legio Malaysia. As usual, there;s the good company of people chucking dice and hobbying. I had a game of whfb with peter that night where it ended a draw, with him managing to knock off my Empire's steam tank. In return, I managed to kill his Enchantress. Muahaha.

Azlan and Khairul were having a go at Battlefleet Gothic and I must say I am hooked. Sadly, at the moment my finances doesn't allow for any more new purchases. Currently, I'm paying by installments for several second hand wh40k vehicles, so, I need to finish that one first. After that, I think I'll start a small Ork fleet (grin).

Unexpectedly, i had some free time the next day, and I used well for another game of whfb with Peter again. this time, I changed my list and in the end, I suffered a minor loss. Regardless, it's a new list and will need some getting used to but I'm confident it'll work out fine once I've tweaked it a bit more.

So, although my schedule for the coming weeks doesn'y seem to ease up, I'll be sure to sneak off to hobby nights as often as I can get away with it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Short Break

Whew!My schedule sure has been hectic over the past few weeks and will continue to be so for a few weeks more. Anyways, I took the opportunity of a breather yesterday and pulled out my dusty Empire army for a round with Peter's Bretonian. We didn't get to complete the game properly so it was all rushed and all that. It was fun to throw dice again after...several weeks of not touching toy soldiers (grin)

People say that the new GW's Battle Mission book is not worth the buy. I personally haven't read it so can't comment fairly. Will definitely try to get my hands on it(someone else' ,of course). I'm still travelling around, so, all my undone WIP for the SCARS will just have to wait(sigh)

Monday, March 1, 2010

My Kindred - Shot Down!

Real world commitments has forced me out of Kindred. Fortunately for my partner, he has found a replacement. For those of you not in the know, Kindred is a Hobby tournament organised by a pair of brothers and run at Legio Malaysia this coming 6th March 2010.

I would have fielded my SCARS Imperial Guards for the event and partnered with a force of Ultramarines. Alas, that is not to be and so I wait for how the event will turn out. I wish all the guys who's making it the very best in their endevour for the Purity Seal and Best General.

Work has really taken its toll on me this couple of weeks. My last hobby action was during Iron Painter and I foresee it would be some time before I get back into the gaming scene. (sigh) The limited time has also forced me away from any further work on the SCARS. So, hopefully, by end of this month, I'll be back on track or something.