Sunday, February 21, 2010

Iron Painter: Done

Whew! What an event! I don't think I've sat that long for a session of painting before. It was a very productive day and kudos to Jeff for organizing it. Congrats to all participants who tough it out to complete their task.

We started off with 10 people and fairly got off at 10am.A few guys turned up late, like Shazli who arrived 30 minutes later and Khairul, who came in the afternoon after a round of golf. Dann and Ivan dropped by to hobby themselves. Redeye and a couple of his buddies turned up for some dice rolling too. Azlan brought his kids to watch the event, as did Maxcell.

I started the day quite doubtful as I have yet to completely assemble the command squad and another veteran squad. So, I spent the first 5 hours putting together the models and painting the tank. thanks to Iqbal's airbrush, the Leman Russ Demolisher turned out fine after all.

Thanks to Subhan's Nasi Lemak, I didn't have to trouble myself with lunch. So, I sat there trying to finish what I've started. First were Bravo Squad and I painted them green! With various shades of green. Then, I completed the others using black, semi-gloss black and highlights of grey. The last hour proved frantic for me as I had to finish basing them all. Thankfully, it was all done 3 minutes from time. I had painted myself 1010 points of minis!

Overall, the results were quite good. I especially liked Arzmi's washed orks and Stanley's CSMs. So, it ended with Jeff handing out mock certificates (he'll make proper ones later) to all who completed and Subhan and I got Iron Skulls while the rest made Iron Painter. Iqbal won the hobbyist choice and his first Legio Purity Seal. Congratulations!

Although I'm bushed after all that painting, I still need to complete my two vendettas for Kindred. And if there's another Iron Painter happening, maybe I'll plan better and prepare better.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Of dwarves and others...

I went to hobby nite last night and had a game with Jade's beautiful chaos troll army. It had 27 trolls led by the troll king and a chaos lord, as well as a giant. I fielded my dwarves for this battle, and had as many burning runes I could possibly have to deal with their regeneration. Honestly, that army is tough and they just keep on coming. The anvil significantly slowed them down but the cannon and bolt thrower did their share of killing the monsters.

My longbeards did well in taking down the giant, luckily missing being crushed by its falling body. The thunderers and quarellers could not stand to the troll's charge. In short, the trolls prove strong in melee but they suffered through effective shooting and low leadership, as well as being subject to stupidity.

On other fronts, the last week has been really draining and I didn't get to do much hobby stuff at all. My SCARS project for iron painter is yet to be completed and the event is only 2 weeks away! I really need to find time to finish assembling the remaining models for squad Nova and Alpha.

For now, with time permitting, I'll focus on my dwarves and try to complete them. Oh yes, I also made a purchase of several second hand space marine vehicles from Subhan for a reasonable price.