Monday, July 13, 2009

Restarting Again

Whew!After being dormant for so many months, my fantasy armies are seeing the light again! I had my first game in (I can't remember how long), it was a re-learning process for me as I slowly work out the rustiness in me.

I tried out my 2000 points dwarves against Shazli's borrowed Empire army. The game highlighted some forgotten facts about WHFB for me and showed Shazli the difference found in WHFB as compared to whats in WH40K. Later, I managed to roped in Peter for another game. This time around, its aggainst his Bretonnian army.

The massed knights were daunting in the least and had I not played using my Empire army, he would've run circles around me. I see Peter eventually getting the hang of the game in the not so distant future and his knights did quite some damage when they reached combat.

Both games were fun, and it really struck me that I'm not prepared for the coming Legio Tournament. Aside from my models not being completely painted, my mindset and rules knowledge is badly in need of revision. So, in the coming weeks up to the tournament, I'll be busy preparing my army (at the moment, it's Empire) for battle.

Now, I've painted up my marksman from the handgunners unit. So, only the basing is left for these guys. I did some checking and most of the units need a bit of touching up to do before I can field them in battle. Both knight units need to have their shields glued on, the same for the characters. I might need to rebuild my crossbowmen with the newer frames to get better looking poses, while the outriders just needs a good paintjob with some conversion on the champion. The rest of the army is ready (minus the basing).

I spent the night looking over stuff. I also put together 5 new crossbowmen using the new frames. I found my mortar and has packed it in the army box. Incidently, I also found my dwarven anvil of doom model. So, maybe tonight I'll paint up some of the shields for the knights. I will also be shopping for some basing materials tonight. (07/15/09)

Finally decided on the list for me to take to battle. It will be roughly the 'ol Erickheim list with addition of the steam tank. I still need too properly use the tank, especially with regards to its charge arc. I took out my pistoliers and rely on the outriders to hold one of the flanks. My wizards are good, especially tooled like they are now, and could spring a nasty suprise to an unsuspecting enemy. (07/19/09)

Another day of battle! Unfortunately, my time for gaming this weekend is short. I went to Legio and had a game with Kadir's Dark elves. Having never fought against a dark elf army before, I jumped into battle hoping for the best. It was a slow game for both of us as we're regularly refering to the rule book for some particular circumstances and whatnot. Thankfully, Jospoon was around to help out a bit. Anyways, in the end, my empire army was soundly beaten. I attribute the defeat to my lack of knowledge about dark elves capabilities and having the wrong units face off against wrong enemy units. With this lttle insight on dark elven army composition, I hope to do better whhen next I face versus a dark elf army.

On another note, my preparation for the upcoming tournament is slowly underway. With less than a week to prepare, I have these to do:
1. prime all my unpainted models (some crossbowmen and the outrider's horsess)
2. assemble and paint the steam tank (which I got today)
3. put shields (painted ones!) on models that are supposed to carry them (knights)
4. basing with sand and static grass for the entire army

So, I had better speed up my work if I were to compete. (07/24/09)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Drums of War!

Legio Malaysia is organizing a Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tournament on the 1st of August 2009. It'll be the first fantasy event for Legio. I'm definitely in. Although I dearly love to briing forth my Orks and Goblins Army, I have to be realistic enough to realise that I can't finish them in time for the event,

So, I'm entering the tournament with a Dwarven throng. My empire army I've loaned out to Shazli, to enable him to participate. This is really exciting as I haven't fought a fantasy battle for some time now. The rules will need to be read and familliarized again.

The expected turnout, according to Jeff, would be around 10-14 players. Vampire Counts looks strong, as well as the new Dark Elves and Lizardmen. It'll be great to play against these new incarnations of good armies. Some of the expected armies include Dwarves, Empire, Bretonnians, Ogre Kingdoms, Chaos, Dark Elves and Lizardmen.

I've written my army list, and I've prepped the neccessary models. Now, all that needs doing is to finish painting them in time for battle. For Glory of the Hold!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My New "Haven"

Hi folks! For those who know me, this is my blog for all things wargaming, and, as the title might suggests, anything else that I think should be here. May it prosper and be lively!